Wet Barre 

The original aqua barre workout since 2013

•Mobility  •Alignment  •Strength

Wet Barre is inspired by Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, TRX and other land formats as well as traditional aquatic fitness. It preserves the intention of a barre class by delivering lots of intense core and lower body strengthening. However, it is not a barre class from land simply done in water! Wet Barre™ is skillfully adapted to be effective in water using over 200 unique exercises which emphasize proper technique, alignment and mindful muscle activation.

                                     Wet Barre: Booty
                                   Wet Barre: Burn
                                   •Wet Barre: Control
                                    •Wet Barre: Suspend
                                   •Wet Barre: Power
                                                                              and more...                 

Katina Brock, MSEd, is the creator of Wet Barre™- a unique, water fitness format featuring mostly original exercises. She is an international aquatic fitness presenter, NASM- CPT & CES, and an AEA, AFAA & NASM continuing education provider with over 2 decades experience. She has been a featured fitness expert on VH-1 Couples Therapy, Shape.com, and the LA Times, and was a trainer  at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu.