Wet Barre™ is designed with so much intentionality and you feel that as you do the exercises. Katina is a fabulous instructor! She will fit your learning style with visual demos, clear verbal and written descriptions of the moves and redirection if she sees you struggling. Some of the most fun cueing I've heard in a fitness class! Host a training! You won't regret it!                                                                                             --Amy Free, MS, UW Health at TAC -Aquatics, AEA instructor, Madison, W

I was able to attend my first Wet Barre™ workshop series this past weekend and I plan on it not being my last! It was taught with intent and purpose and I was able to walk away with ideas and exercises I could apply to my classes the very next day. Katina is professional and teaches with great energy. She took time to go over the formatting and moves after each workshop which was very helpful. I would recommend this series of workshops to ALL Water exercise professionals.
--Patty Murphy, ATRIC, Assistant Aquatic Director & Sr. Adjunct Faculty -Whitworth University, Spokane, WA

Katina is an excellent presenter!  She took time to explain her key concepts and everything she was going
 to do clearly.  During the workout, she walked us through the exercises as we did them, helping us to see them from the perspective of instructors. Not all presenters do this, but it makes a critical difference between just a workout and instructor education. Last, she took time to correct us during the workout, making sure that we all understood the exercises ourselves. Few of the presenters I have seen do this---it's going "above and beyond," and says to me that she really cared about educating us. I didn't express these thoughts in my feedback forms because it was only later, when I was thinking about the day, that I realized just how special she is.  She told me this was her first AEA presentation---hard to believe---but she is really a "rising star"!   -- Karen Phillips, TX - AEA Instructor

Wet Barre™ was extremely thorough and well presented. One of the best, if not the best workshops I have been to in a long time. I left that weekend with more new material than I have ever had from a clinic. Katina's knowledge is extensive and her passion for the material seeps through in all aspects. My classes are eating up this new format. I have fitness junkies all the way to an individual with multiple sclerosis and everything in between who rave about the workouts. They have muscles activating that have been dormant for so long, core, thighs, glutes, and so much more. It's high intensity without being hard on the joints. It's accessible to all fitness and age levels, something my class truly appreciates. The workout engages body and mind allowing us to help the whole person. I highly recommend Wet Barre to anyone who is looking to breathe life into their workouts.                                                                                                                                                                                                  --Whitney Kessie, B.A Health and Fitness, AEA instructor since 2008, Coeur D'Alene, ID

Katina Brock is one of the best aquatic fitness presenters I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

Her innovative Wet Barre™ workshops fuse ballet barre with water exercise in a variety of hip, fun

and effective workout formats that focus on strength, flexibility, grace and traditional ballet

that your students will find accessible.  I highly recommend Katina and her Wet Barre workshops!

--Susan Abel Sullivan, BS Exercise Science, AEA-CEC Provider, CPT, CHC; IAFC and SCW Aquatic Fitness Presenter                                         

Thanks for the workshops! I love taking your workshops as you think outside of the box and have tried out the moves in the water so one knows they do indeed work. Your descriptions of the exercises (and doing the pool first, classroom second) really helps one to retain and learn your moves.  --Bev Miller, IL - AEA instructor since 1989

I have had the good fortune to work with Katina, be a regular participant in her classes for nine years, and take workshops from her. Since she has moved, I have done nothing but miss her every week. Her workouts are always the best. One night when the pool pump backed up and the water level was too high, we did an entire class at level two and three (no splashing). It was amazing (and wonderfully hard!). I have been to her workshops three times, and always wish I could go to more. She has tons of experience, knows how to work every muscle group, and can accommodate all levels of ability. Whenever the chance arises, I would gladly take her class or workshop.                                                               --Lori Broger-Mackey, CA - AEA instructor since 2007 

am a water aerobics junkie and Katina's workouts are SUPERIOR to any I have had in the last 15 years. She includes all parts from head to toe and leaves no muscle untouched. Her workouts are challenging and fun and there is rarely a time you will catch Katina without a smile. SInce her training I find I walk straighter and taller holding my abs in (well, most of the time). Fabulous, unsurpassed, I always look forward to my next session with her.    -- Eva Schwartz - Class participant  
Katina’s workouts are the best! She has extensive training which is evident in her demonstrations, insistence on proper form and posture, and the variety of exercises that she uses. I particularly like her core training and feel that I have better balance and am stronger as a result of her workouts. She motivates and challenges me throughout the session and it's also fun! I highly recommend working out with Katina in the water for anyone at any age.    -- G. Boudreax - Class participant