About Wet Barre™ Workshops

Wet Barre™ is a collective of mostly original moves and focuses on exercise technique over choreography or class formatting. Workshops are designed with the fitness instructor in mind so they can learn the exercises well and be able to teach them with integrity. 

Why is this important to know? Because this is different from how most aquatic or land fitness education is usually presented. Wet Barre™ education is similar to yoga and Pilates education is presented, where individual moves are broken down into their component pieces. It's a "Form first, then Flow" way of learning. Once the pieces are understood the bigger picture comes together with greater ease.

All Workshops have a specific focus such as: Exercise Type ,Technique, Concept, or Muscle Target, etc.

NEW! Wet Barre: At the Barre 

Most of Wet Barre™ doesn't require a barre of sorts (noodle, wall or other), but if you love doing barre work "at the barre" then this is for you! Start with a bit of cardio, focus in on glutes and hips, channel a little bit of ballet leg work, hit the core and arms and finish with an elongating stretch most of which uses a noodle or the wall as a "barre".  All Levels Workshop

(Shallow: Light Cardio/Strength, 1 noodle -thick or Hydrofit) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC's

Wet Barre: A.B.C                                                                                                                                                                            

Is  an Aqua Barre Class, but far from a land barre class simply done in the water! Created with aquatic expertise you''l work your whole body, use long and short levers, floats, rebound, and move in all planes! A cardio and strength workout with power, control and grace. 

Wet Barre: Acro-Yoga

ike Acro-Yoga on land, this water workshop is challenging and fun! However, it doesn’t require two people- just two noodles! Great core training as well as flexibility and strength work that might have your smile muscles hurting as much as your abs! Intermediate to advanced. 

(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Booty                                                                                                           

This workshop focuses on… you guessed it, the muscles of the Glutes, low back, thighs and core stabilizers. Help your students develop a stronger posterior chain which can help with back, hip and leg pain using exercises that are floating, standing, sitting and more! Intermediate but adaptable.

(Shallow: Strength, 1 noodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Bottoms Up  

Utilizing 2 noodles, that present a huge balance challenge this intermediate to advanced workshop adapts exercises from the Plank and Quadruped positions. Your torso is put to the ultimate test of trunk stabilization. If your core can do the work, your upper and lower body will have a chance to get in on the strengthening as well.

(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Burn 

This technique workshop is inspired by mat work from barre class (on land). You’ll hit the hips, Glutes and legs with the added benefit of core stabilization by transitioning these barre, ballet and body weight exercises to the water. Your core, hips and glutes will really feel the burn. And you'll see moves you've definitely never seen in the water before! Intermediate.

(Shallow: Strength, 1-2 noodles) •
1hr pool/1hr lecture
  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Cirque                                                                                                      

Come ready to fly, float, twist and contort but be ready to dig deep into your core! These moves are advanced and definitely not for beginners! They are wildly fun and require balance, core strength and a sense of adventure! Like all Wet Barre workshops this is heavily influenced by the mat work of Pilates and Yoga, blended with calisthenics and a big dose of creativity! Advanced.

(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Control 

This technique workshop comes straight from the pages of Classical Mat Pilates and include many moves never before adapted to water. These unique interpretations make it unlike other water Pilates. The breath work and core activation are the foundation, and the challenge is increased by the buoyancy and resistance of the water. Get ready to focus and have fun!  Intermediate but accessible for most levels

(Shallow or deep: Strength, 1 noodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s


Wet Barre: Extend 

Is all Is all about the lower body! A technique workshop based on leg work from ballet and barre class, it also draws from corrective exercise by utilizing the resistance of the water and range of motion to strengthen under used muscles and to lengthen tight ones. These cardio, standing and floating exercises working hips, Glutes and legs are challenging but accessible for most. All Levels

(Shallow: Strength, 1 noodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Grace

Inspired by the grace and understated power of ballet and Pilates, this cardio/strength interval class will get your heart beating and your legs fired up! These uniquely fluid fresh moves will inspire even die-hard water junkies who think they've seen it all. No dance background required. Intermediate

(Shallow: Strength, requires a barre on the wall)  1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Hot Toddy  

This workshop is designed using a “barre” such as a perimeter pool railing or water level gutter that can easily be grasped. It works in all three planes and delivers a great full body workout that strengthens and elongates muscles and ends with an extra good stretch thanks to the barre. Perfect for warm pools but not a necessity. Some exercises can be adapted for use without a barre. All Levels Format Workshop

(Shallow: Strength, requires a barre on the wall)  1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: OM (Organic Movement)

Inspired by the 3 dimensional movements of Gyrotonic, yoga, Myofascial stretch and more, this workshop helps release the faulty movement patterns and muscle maladaptations of being sedentary. It incorporates rotation and fluidity that helps create a feeling of lengthening and openness. Ideal for warm up, cool down, mind-body formats, seniors, warm water classes and recovery workouts. All Levels

(Shallow: Strength/Stretch, Nekdoodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC's

Wet Barre: Plank-A-Poolooza
These plans are graceful, unusual, challenging and a huge hit! A favorite for strong hips, Glute and core! Thes are best suited for intermediate students who possess more strength control and body awareness. Perfect for very shallow pools.                                                                  
(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s  

Wet Barre: Power 

Is an interval class, alternating plyometric cardio with high repetition strength work without equipment. Some moves will be brand new while others are a new twist on the familiar! Come ready to work just as hard at cardio as you do on muscle endurance. You'll leave with your heart pumping and your muscles fatigued.   Intermediate-Advanced Format Workshop

(Shallow: Cardio/Strength) •
1hr pool/1hr lecture
  •2 CEC's

Wet Barre: PRX 

Inspired by the TRX® suspension trainer (on land) and sprinkled with some acrobatic fun only possible in the pool, you’ll amp up your core strength and stabilization several notches in this intermediate-Advanced workshop. Plus, it's your chance to experience a Wet Barre™ Burpee!

(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s 

Wet Barre: Pilates (4hr course) 

This skillful adaptation of Mat Pilates to the resistance and buoyancy of water is a must-attend for aquatic instructors! Learn to use your powerhouse in this supportive, gravity-reduced environment to improve core strength, proprioception, and stabilization. Focus is on alignment, intentional movement, and breath. Walk away with over 30 moves your students will really feel (and love)! Modifications and progressions are available for many of the exercises, giving you even more options to use with everyone from active seniors to collegiate athletes. Intermediate

(Shallow: Strength, 2 noodles) •2hr pool/2hr lecture  •4 CEC’s 

Wet Barre: Suspend 

Focuses on original Wet Barre™ exercises that are done floating using a noodle or no equipment at all! Great for adding variety to any shallow or deep water class with open-chain exercises that target core strength and hip mobility. 


(Shallow: Strength, 1-2 noodles & belts) •
1hr pool/1hr lecture
  •2 CEC’s

Wet Barre: Top Shelf 

This workshop addresses the needs of seniors - strength, balance, range of motion, flexibility and postural alignment. It focuses on strengthening weak areas and releasing tight ones. Specific light cardio, strengthening and stretching exercises will invigorate and help restore a more supple fluidity to any body.  All Levels

(Shallow: Cardio/Strength, 1 noodle, Nekdoodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC's

Wet Barre: With a Twist  

Incorporate the concepts of rotation, twisting, or pivoting to achieve whole body training. This workshop includes cardio and leg work as well as lots of core training utilizing a noodle, or just the buoyancy and resistance of the water without equipment. Intermediate.

(Shallow: Strength, 1 noodle) •1hr pool/1hr lecture  •2 CEC’s