June 1&2, 2019

Franciscan Health and Fitness Centers 

810 Michael Dr., Chesteron, IN 46304

Wet Barre: Suspend   Saturday, 6/1, 10:45am-1:45pm    

Focuses on original Wet Barreexercises that are done floating using a noodle or no  equipment at all! Great for adding variety to any shallow or deep water class with open chain exercises that target core strength and hip mobility. Intermediate                                                                                                                                                                             • Shallow: Cardio/Strength  •CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0

Wet Barre: A.B.C.  Saturday, 6/1, 2:30pm- 4:45pm

Is an Aqua Barre Class, but far from a land class simply done in water! Created with aquatic expertise you’ll work your whole body, use long and short levers, float, rebound, and move in all planes! A cardio and strength workout with power, control and grace!  All Levels

• Shallow: Cardio/Strength  •CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0

Wet Barre: Hot Toddy   Sunday, 3/24, 8:30am- 11:15am  

Uses a railing on the pool wall or a water level gutter that can be fully grasped as a "barre." It delivers a great full body workout that strengthens and stretches muscles. Perfect for warm pools, but not a requirement. Some exercises can be adapted for use without a barre as well.  All Levels

• Shallow: Cardio/Strength  •CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0

Wet Barre: With a Twist  Sunday, 6/2, 12:00pm-2:15pm  

Incorporate the concepts of rotation, twisting, or pivoting to achieve whole body training. This workshop includes cardio and leg work as well as lots of core training utilizing a noodle, or just the buoyancy and resistance of the water without equipment. Intermediate

• Shallow: Cardio/Strength  •CEC’s: AEA-2.0, AFAA 2.0

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