In addition to Wet Barre™ workshops 

for aquatic instructors, we offer... 

  • Aquatic Personal Training - one on one or small group

  • Land Personal Training - one on one or small group

  • Specialty Workouts - conference break-out sessions, retreats,

    bachelorette parties, etc.
  • Land Workshops - for continuing education credit

  • Lectures - Fitness & Health

Land Formats: 
Barre Bootcamp
Chair Fitness
Interval Training 
Mat Pilates
Strength Training

Aqua Formats:
Wet Barre
Cardio - Strength
Interval Training
Aqua Stretch ™ (one on one only)

Christian Yoga
Yoga @ the Wall

*All services provided in your home, pool, office, or other pre-determined location.

Continuing Education Workshops

Land Fitness & Lectures

Core Training & Obesity                                                                                                         Core Training & Obesity Explore the safety challenges unique to creating core exercise programming for obese populations. By learning what creates risks and which exercises work best and why, you will be able to keep your clients safe and challenged.                                                                                                                   (Strength: Land, 1.5hr lecture/1hr workout)   CEC's: AEA 1.25, AFAA 2.5        

Be a Better Suspension Trainer

Learn how to better prepare the body for movement, access core training safely, be able to handle large classes with only a few suspension trainers. This workshop will increase the caliber of your suspension training skills by getting very granular with the exercise  set up and movement cues! It all comes down to the do’s and don'ts. 

(Land: Strength; 1hr lecture/1hr workout)   CEC's: AFAA 2.0

Go Big! Suspension Training for Big Classes

Suspension Training classes draw big crowds but space and the number of straps can be an issue. Don’t turn them away or let the number of suspension trainers control the size of your class, double it! Learn to create a great circuit/interval workout where the suspension trainer is the star and not just one of the players! 

(Land: Cardio/Strength; 1hr lecture/1hr workout)   2.0 CEC’s

All Rise for Pilates/Barre

Use the principles of Pilates and gravity to mix things up! Standing movement will help improve your clients/students balance, and help them access muscles a little differently in Mat class or in barre without a barre. Great for warm up, limited equipment facilities, mixing things up and challenging your long time students. 

(Land: Strength; 1hr lecture/1hr workout)   2.0 CEC's

Shape Up Your Sleep 

Sleep is so important and yet every year, as a culture, our sleep habits decline. Just how are we are paying the price and what can we do? Discover what’s stealing our sleep, how it’s affecting our health, and what we can actually can do to improve it! 

(Lecture: 1.5 - 2.0 hrs; CEC’s vary)

Other workshops available upon request.